Autumn pharmacology meeting
November 1st, 2023 Kl 13.00 15.00
Rikshospitalet, Building A, 3rd floor , Auditorium A3.3067

The pharmacology section of the NSFT is happy to invite everyone to the Autumn Meeting (Høstmøte) 2023. See program below.
The meeting will take place Wednesday November 1, from 1 pm – 3 pm, followed by a social gathering afterwards where you can get to know other colleagues with an interest in pharmacology. The main speaker this year will be Mohammad Nouri Sharikabad, who is department director at the Norwegian Institute for Public Health and director for WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology. His presentation will be followed by student presentations from pharmacology environments in the Oslo area.
Please sign up for the event using the link
Marit Inngjerdingen
Leader, Pharmacology section NSFT

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