Instructions for submitting abstracts to the NSFT Winter Meeting


For oral presentations (invited and submitted):

  • Heading, abstract and slides should be in English
  • Oral presentation may be in English or Norwegian; English is encouraged

For posters:

  • English or Norwegian on poster, English is encouraged
  • If oral mini-presentation of posters: English or Norwegian


Accepted abstracts will be published in one pdf-file for download by participants. 

  • Participants who will give one or more oral or poster presentation must indicate this by Title and Presenter’s name on registration form submitted before the deadline. All such presentations must be accompanied by an abstract according to the present instructions. If not attached to the registration form, abstracts may be submitted later (but within deadline) directly to .
  • Invited presenters are encouraged to submit abstract as well (mail as attachment to
  • Indicate on registration form whether oral or poster is the preferred presentation format.
  • When submitting an abstract, indicate preferred presentation, oral or poster. Also check category, as requested in registration form.
  • If the time allocated for oral presentations is exceeded, you may be asked if your presentation could be as poster rather than oral.  

Instructions for the abstract:

  • Submit as Word (for windows) file format .docx using settings as listed here. Maximum 1 page.
  • Use A4 portrait. Right margin 2 cm, left- top- and bottom margins 3 cm.
  • Font Times New Roman size 12.
  • Oral presentations and posters are grouped into 4 categories: Toxicology, Environmental toxicology, Clinical pharmacology and Basic pharmacology. Indicate category for the presentation above the Heading, using normal font.
  • Heading in bold, don’t use capitals.
  • Author names (name and family name) in normal font. Separate author names with comma (e.g. Poul Edvard Poulsson, Klaus Hansen). Affiliations on the line below, marked with superscript numerals.
  • Next: e-mail for the presenting author in italic font.
  • Organize the abstractet into: Objectives, MethodsResults and Conclusion. These subheadings in italic.
  • If you add references (max 5), list them alfabetically without title. (e.g. Poulsson PO, Hansen K, 2011, Pharmacol Toxicol 95, 50-52).
  • Spell full words first time used before applying abbreviations.
  • Use generic names for drugs. When referring to a commercial product, include manufacturer’s name and country of origin).

Oral presentations

Time limit for presentation will be announced in the program. This includes a few minutes for questions.

  • Files for the presentation (powerpoint etc) may be submitted before the meeting or copied via USB on arrival, prior to the session.  
  • Normally there is not time to connect a personal laptop for the presentation.
  • Please contact NSFT ahead of meeting if you will need any special equipment for the presentation.


For each poster the format at your disposal will be approximately 80×120 cm (w x h; i.e ‘portrait’).
-Normally there will be a ’round’ for presentation of posters by mini oral-presentations (+/- 3 min). This will be announced in the program.

Last Updated on 4 December 2023 by Stein Bergan